Commercial Solar Assessment

Commercial Solar Assessment

A commercial solar assessment is crucial when considering solar. At Traralgon Plumbing & Solar we are passionate about helping local Gippsland businesses and commercial properties to reduce their carbon footprint and offset their energy costs.

Businesses are particularly well positioned to benefit from renewables, in particular solar grid connected systems due to the bulk of energy being required during daylight hours.

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The Latrobe Valley’s local economy has benefitted from its local coal fired power industry for a very long time now, however we recognise a need for transition to a more sustainable energy sector. This transition has to happen at not only a large scale utility level but also by every business in Gippsland playing a part by reducing energy reliance on the utilities.

Traralgon Plumbing & Solar provide complete on site commercial solar assessments for commercial properties and businesses¬†in Gippsland. By obtaining information from your electricity provider we are able to identify a very specific load profile of your business’ energy consumption. From there we can advise on what adjustments may be beneficial and also design a solar power or solar hot water system that fits your requirements.

Commercial Hot Water

From initial commercial solar assessment, to planning and right through installation to after sales monitoring and maintenance we provide an honest, transparent service when helping your business’s reduce your carbon footprint and move towards profitability and sustainability.