Gas Leaks and Maintenance

Gas TestNatural & LPG gas is a very useful resource for many appliances in the home & business. ¬†Whether it’s for heating, hot water or cooking, few resources can compare when it comes to gas for effectiveness in these areas. ¬†However useful gas may be, it is also an explosive and volatile substance and must be respected and the utmost care must be taken when using it.

Natural gas lines in homes are extremely safe providing the correct materials are used and procedures are adhered to when installing. If at any stage you suspect there may be a gas leak at any area of your property it is critical to have a licensed gas fitter attend and test for any anomalies as soon as possible.

Testing includes:

  • Isolating gas appliances and meters from gas service and testing integrity
  • Test appliances for correct operation of safety features and burner pressures
  • Test gas meter for apparent leaks
  • Identify & repair any leaks & report possible problem areas
  • Provide Victorian Building Authority Certificates of Compliance for work performed

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