Grid Connect Solar

Grid connect solar has all the benefits of renewable energy during daylight hours, with the added convenience of the regular grid supply as a backup for night time and when more power then wGrid Connect Solar Powerhat the solar can supply is required.

Once the solar power system is in place you can begin collecting solar energy via the installed panels, and any surplus energy can be fed back into the grid, for which you can be reimbursed with a feed-in tariff by your energy retailer.

As opposed to being wholly off-grid, using renewable energy whilst remaining connected to the grid avoids most of the disadvantages of being completely off grid. Additionally, the rebates you get from the surplus electricity that is fed back into the utility grid will help offset your energy expenses at night.

Grid Connect Solar is the best option if your residence has a reliable power supply, and you want to harness solar energy for both long-term financial gain and using renewable, sustainable energy in a efficient manner. 

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