Heat Pump Hot Water


Why Choose Sanden for your Electric Hot Water ?

Hot Water Systems and Energy Costs

In Australia we pay more for electricity than most places in the developed world, and it’s no wonder.

Because traditional hot water systems contribute to a significant portion of a household’s energy costs, taking control of the situation starts with seeking the most efficient hot water system on the market.

Energy Savings with the Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

A Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses industry-leading technology found in refrigeration and air conditioninsanden_eco_700x700g units, where energy is drawn in from the ambient atmosphere and transferred into heat. An Ozone friendly refrigerant R744 (CO2) absorbs the heat, which then flows into a compressor where it’s converted into a high-temperature gas. Then, it passes through a condenser within the water tank and the water is heated up. No backup elements are required.


The result is a system that requires radically less electricity to heat water when compared to conventional hot water systems. In fact, the initiative will save up to 80 per cent on a hot water bill, year after year. And no, it doesn’t involve cold showers!

Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.



sanden heat pump techSanden ECO Plus hot water heat pump technology uses 1kW of energy to generate 4.5kW of heat; this is 80 per cent less energy compared to traditional hot water systems. When considering that electricity price hikes will continue to hit households year after year, it becomes the best, financially sustainable option on the market.


Environmentally Friendly Hot Water

As an environmentally advanced product, it is also affordable. The system is ranked alongside solar energy in terms of environmental friendliness and as such it is eligible for rebates and other government incentives. It offers the highest level of Small scale Technology Certificates (STCs) of any hot water heat pump system, saving you hundreds at the outset.

If a Heat Pump hot water is something that would suit your needs and lifestyle, talk to Traralgon Plumbing & Solar to learn more.