Heliocol Commercial Solar

Traralgon Plumbing & Solar has partnered with Heliocol to provide commercial solar power services.

Solar pool heating is a effective way of reducing running costs, especially if you’re a commercial provider such as a public pool or leisure centre. Every Aussie summer sees an uptick in traffic to local pools, and what better way to help beat the heat than to channel that solar power towards keeping the pool at a suitable swimming temperature?

A solar system, in essence, provides free heat to your pool year-round; a Heliocol Commercial Solar Heating System can pay for itself with a ROI within three years. Many operators of commercial pools are also becoming aware of the potential of a well designed solar pool heating system to decrease their carbon footprint by lowering their fossil fuel consumption. Not only does it make good economic sense to decrease the use of non-renewable fuels, it demonstrates tremendous environmental responsibility.

Talk to Traralgon Plumbing & Solar about installing a Heliocol commercial solar pool heating system today.

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