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What is Heliocol Solar Pool Heating?Solar Pool Heating

Over the past 30 years solar energy has come to be highly accepted in Australia (and around the world) as an excellent alternative to traditional fuels.

Since solar energy is clean energy, it’s available to everyone in the world, and moreover, it’s free. Solar has been particularly well accepted for the heating of swimming pools. Firstly, a solar pool heating system has no running costs (other than the circulating pump), and secondly, a good quality solar pool heating system is an extremely durable product with a very long, trouble-free life.

How does Solar work?

Heliocol solar pool heating collectors are installed on a sunny section of your roof. This is usually the north side, however the east and west sides can also be utilised. Flat roofs are another option. Your pool water is then pumped through the collectors where it is heated as it passes through the hot collectors. The now warmer water then returns to your pool. Over the course of a sunny day, your pool water could increase by 5 to 8 degrees, often turning a cold, un-usable pool into a pleasurable pool. And all this for less than a dollar a day in running costs.

What Can I Expect?

More comfortable swimming – for longer! Subject to location, seasonal variations and your own comfort needs, your swimming season can be extended by up to 4 months per year. Imagine starting your swimming season two months sooner than your do now and extending your season for an extra two months in Autumn.

In most parts of Australia this could provide you with up to eight or even nine months comfortable swimming. In Northern Australia, your swim season could even extend to year round swimming.

Solar Pool Heating

The Heliocol Advantage

Heliocol’s engineered design is unique among solar collectors, making it the most innovative solar pool heating system in the world.

Individual Tube Design

Heliocol’s one-of-a-kind individual tube design is one of the most significant reasons why Heliocol is the finest solar pool heating system on Earth. Most solar pool heating panels use a webbed tube design, meaning the tubes are connected together in a solid plate. Individual tubes are better for several reasons, outlined below.

Individual Tubes Protect Your Roof and Prevent Roof Rot

Unlike webbed collectors, which trap debris and moisture, Heliocol panels allow your roof to breathe. Heliocol’s individual tube design allows for proper evaporation of rain and is the only solar panel appropriate for flat roofs.

Individual Tubes Create More Heat than Other Panels

Round tubes are the most efficient means of absorbing the sun’s energy. Heliocol’s patented individual tube design allows for maximum absorption of the sun’s heat all day long unlike other panels, which are most efficient only at solar noon.

Individual Tubes Do Not Create Lift

Other solar panels use webbing between their tubes; this creates lift. To prevent their panels from flying away, our competitors must use straps to hold their panels in place. Straps mean more holes in your roof and greater potential for leaks. Heliocol solar panels create no lift and require no straps!

Gator Clamps

Heliocol’s patented Gator Clamp eliminates the need for straps and is the only mounting system that allows for natural expansion and contraction. This exclusive system eliminates tearing and pulling at the roof typical of glued systems. The Gator Clamp makes Heliocol the most roof-friendly system in the world.


Other manufacturers use rubber hoses and metal clamps to connect their panels together. The people of Heliocol have created the world’s only patented panel connector, the Plastic Panel Clamp. Rubber hoses require maintenance every six months and are prone to leaks and cracks. Metal clamps rust and stain the roof. Heliocol’s Plastic Panel Clamps never need maintenance, never rust and are guaranteed to never leak!

Overmolded Header

Every solar industry professional knows tubing connection is of crucial importance to prevent leakage over time. Heliocol’s patented over-molded header insures the strongest possible connection between tubing because the header is actually formed around the tubes. This process actually joins the tubes and header together as one solid piece.

Heliocol’s 25 Year Warranty

Heliocol’s trouble-free systems are completely resistant to pool chemicals, have an extremely low cost of operation and will work efficiently for decades. Other solar pool heating systems use rubber hoses and metal clamps, requiring regular service and part replacement. Heliocol’s specially-engineered components are designed to last without maintenance and without replacement–a true zero-maintenance solar pool heating system!

We’re so confident in the quality of Heliocol’s solar pool heating systems that we offer the industry’s best warranty. Unlike other manufacturers, who give prorated warranties on only some parts, Heliocol’s warranty covers all manufacturer parts for a full 12 years. In addition, Heliocol is the only solar panel manufacturer to cover labor costs of repairs!

Heliocol collectors are also warranted against internal freezing, as long as they have been installed according to Heliocol’s published installation guidelines and, as a bonus, our panels carry a limited lifetime warranty. Any Heliocol collector found to be defective in material or workmanship subsequent to the initial 12-year warranty, will be replaced at just 50 percent of the published collector list price at the time of the replacement.

With Heliocol, you’re always covered!

Solar Pool Heating