Instant Gas Booster

Instant Gas Booster

Gippsland Hot Water recommends the instant gas booster for in-line gas boosting of your solar water heater in Gippsland. Solar hot water systems are highly efficient systems however during the cooler months of the Victorian climate some boosting of water temperature is required. The systems come standard with an in built electric booster but gas is optional.

  • Can be used with either Thermosiphon or Streamline systemsThermann gas booster
  • 6-star for minimal energy use
  • Electronic ignition (No pilot light)
  • Natural gas and LPG┬ámodels available
  • Hot water whenever you need it
  • Only boost what you use, not the whole tank
  • Great for the environment
  • Access to valuable government environmental incentives*
  • Can be used as standard instantaneous hot water system and┬ásolar added later

The instant gas is a post heat booster, meaning it only boosts the hot water once it leaves the storage tank, prior to entering the house hot water taps. The benefit of this type of booster over an electric resistive element is that you only boost the amount of water you actually use and no energy is consumed unnecessarily.

With electric boosting, you are heating the whole tank with electricity whether you need it or not. Post boost instant gas is much more efficient.

The instant gas booster uses advanced electronic ignition, so no fiddly pilot light to worry about relighting. Being a 6 star rated appliance it can supply instant endless piping hot water at a low rate of gas consumption. Natural and LPG models are available.