Pool Heating

In Gippsland’s cooler climate, taking advantage of the warmer months is a must;¬†we look forward to the hot summer days of BBQs and ball games in the pool.

Unfortunately, these days are too short-lived if your swimming pool is lacking a good heating system. A comfortable pool temperature of 25 degrees will not only make summer more enjoyable by avoiding the dreaded cold splash of stone cold water, it will also well extend the swimming season either side of summer. There are a few options available to help keep the temperature up over the swimming season, each having its own benefits.

Solar Pool Heating

This option is very economical, and can add months to the swimming season while keeping the temperature where you want it over the main swimming season. The system consists of solar panelling on a roof or at ground level, even on your pool fence through which the pool water, via a pump and automatic control system is pumped through the panels when sunshine is available. This can bring the pool temperature up to very comfortable swimming levels at minimal cost to the home owner.

Traralgon Plumbing & Solar chooses to supply Heliocol Solar for their solar pool heating systems.


Gas Heating

Suitable for those of us who want to be able to swim all year round. Gas heating is good option if you have access to natural gas. You can use gas heating to maintain a constant temperature, or alternatively just turn it on for the occasions when you want to swim. The latter option will naturally be more economical but it will require planning as the water will take between 12 to 24 hours to reach its ideal temperature.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use the same technology as air conditioning and refrigeration. In simple terms, they draw water in from your pool, and pump it through a heat exchanger, which is very energy efficient. Initially heat pumps will take 2 to 4 days to heat your pool to an adequate temperature. So if you only plan to heat your pool occasionally, some planning is involved.