Solahart Commercial Inverters

Solahart Commercial Inverters

Solahart commercial inverters for large scale pv systems are built by SMA in Niestetal, Germany.  The Solahart SMA Tri-Power 3 phase solar inverter is the worlds most trusted inverter for commercial solar systems.

Providing unmatched reliability and a maximum efficiency of 98.5%, they are the perfect solution for solar powering business’s in gippsland.


SMA STP 25000Key Features:

OptiTrac Global Peak Shade Management

Multi String Capability for Optimum Design

Transformerless Technology

Reactive Power Control

German Designed & Manufactured



The Solahart SMA sunny Tripower 20000TL/25000TL incorporates intelligent grid management functions allowing  Integrated Plant Control, which helps the inverter with reactive power control at the point of common coupling.  Seperate controllers are no longer required, lowering system costs. Another new feature—reactive power provision on demand (Q on Demand 24/7).

SMA 20-25kW Curve

Solahart Commercial Inverter Brochure