Solahart Optimised Solar


For best results from your solar power system, Solahart Optimised Solar is the way to go. 


Solahart’s Panel Optimised Systems ensure that overall system performance is working to the fullest extent by assessing and optimising the performance of each panel by mppt (maximum power point tracking) at a modular level. Optimised Solar is far superior to standard string solar systems.  

Solar panels do not always perform the same, even in shade free situations there are anomalies due to soiling, lack of ventilation, panel temperatures, degradation rates and so on.  Even if panels are all facing the same direction, on the same roof space, we consistently see differences in output between identical panels in the same system.  With standard string inverter systems, due to panels being wired together in series such as christmas lights, the best performing panel will be brought down to the same output as the worst.

The benefits of Optimised Solar are as follows:                                                                                18 panel solar array facing north

  • Optimisers on each solar panel for maximum output screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-9-35-22-pm

Each panels individual current & voltage is monitored and tweaked to achieve the maximum power output in watts available.

  • Less power losses due to mismatching

Panels power output is transferred from each panel directly to inverter, bypassing other panels that may be giving less power thus avoiding any potential losses.

  • Individual panel monitoring

The ability to remotely monitor each and every panels power output in real time, including needle point positioning in amongst possibly hundreds of panels.  Stored data for voltage, current and power output and scalable daily playback, from a pc, tablet or smartphone.  Making most system troubleshooting possible without a site inspection. (Saving on future maintenance costs)

  • Safe DC Voltage

Solar panels will continue to produce high DC voltages of electricity even if the grid goes down or in fault mode due to daylight.  The Optimised system will enact a safe DC mode throughout the entire array in a fault condition. This means in any situation other then normal operating the solar panel will be no more then 1 volt DC, harmless & safe.  String systems cables can easily continue to push voltages of 250-600 volts through ceilings spaces even if the power to the house is off!

  • Battery Ready Inverter: Start saving now and upgrade to battery storage when available

Solahart Solar Power Systems can be upgraded in the future to include a battery storage system to increase the amount of power you can use from the sun without the need for a costly second inverter.

  • Trusted Warranty: Backed by Solahart experience

Traralgon Plumbing & Solar provides a trusted Solahart warranty on all our solahart products, which means years of trouble-free, worry-free energy.

  • Optimal Performance in low solar gain areas

Most suitable for areas that receive low to medium levels of solar radiation.

To get the most out of your solar power system with Optimised Solar, talk to Traralgon Plumbing & Solar today.