Solahart REC Solar Panels

Solahart REC Solar Panels  Rec_RGB_neg

Solahart REC Panels are amongst the most efficient in the world. Based in norway with several manufacturing facilities around the world, REC are a global manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels founded in 1986.  Now with REC Twin Peak solar modules, yields in our solar systems have never been higher.
Reasons REC are Solahart’s first choice in panels:

– REC are vertically integrated – This means the company designs, produces and assembles all the materials required in construction of the module in house, nothing is contracted to other organisations. Each part of the manufacture process is designed to ensure the highest quality and peak module performance. Above all, the robotic manufacture process is completely automated neutralising human error – Video REC Plant Singapore

– Very Low Embodied Energy – Producing solar systems is not much good if we are using massive amounts of energy just to construct them. REC won the Module Manufacturing Innovation Award for their Fluidised Bed Reactor.  Presented during the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference the award proves REC are focused on real renewable energy, not just selling panels. Energy payback time on REC modules is 1 year, an industry standard. – REC Manufacturing Footprint Video

– PID Free – PID (Potential Induced Degradation is a serious issue in solar panels today. It relates to a panels power output degradation over time caused by high voltage, humidity and temperature. Some panels that are not PID free have returned test results of up 50% power loss after flash testing. REC have been tested by relevant authorities to be PID free – REC PID Free pdf


  • Half Cut Cells
  • 4 Bus Bars
  • Passivated Emmitter Rear Cell (PERC)
  • Split Junction Box
  • Efficient crystalline cell design
  • Robust and durable panel design
  • Vertically Integrated manufacturing process
  • Textured cells provide more sunlight absorption
  • Sunarc glass technology reduces reflection and collects more sunlight


  • Higher energy yield through lower cell resistancescreen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-43-38-pm
  • Power losses in cells reduced by x 4
  • Improved shading performance
  • Additional bus bar shortens travel distance to ribbon for electrons
  • More surface area exposed through reduced finger width
  • More mechanically stable then standard cells
  • PERC reflects the light as it passes through the cell, giving a second chance to convert to current and allows cooling of the cell for more efficient operation
  • Reduced resistance in panel
  • Cell layout design is improved for increased power output
  • Improved panel reliability

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