Solar Service and Repairs

Solar systems are generally a very reliable and efficient source of energy.  However in the last decade we have seen huge growth in the field and hundreds of new brands of panels, inverters and switching equipment have appeared into the market.  Unfortunately not all of these brands have proven to be reliable or the companies manufacturing them proven to be stable.   

In the last few years, due to government rebates, increasing energy prices and global warming, we have seen an immense uptake of solar installations by households and business’s.  The level of which some solar power & solar hot water systems have been installed in some households has definitely been of a lesser standard then we would like to see in Gippsland. A combination of inexperienced installers and an early lack of regulation being able to keep up with technology progression has been the most likely cause.

At Traralgon Plumbing & Solar we have well experienced installers with 20 years experience in solar technology, Clean Energy Council accredited and are well trained in solar service and repairs.  Trust in our experience to get your solar investment back up and running efficiently & safely.

Some tell tale signs of a faulty solar system may be:solar-repairs

  • Orange or red warning lights on an inverter screen
  • Low power output from inverter
  • Constant clicking noises coming from the inverter
  • Panels discolouring to a yellowy/brown tinge
  • Inverter lcd screen unreadable
  • Isolating switches jamming or not switching freely
  • Higher then expected electricity bills with no solar feed in recorded

Solar service & repairs consists of:

  • Testing of all inverters for correct function
  • Short circuit testing of solar panel arrays
  • Earth fault tests to arrays and inverters
  • Test operation of any switching & isolators
  • Replacing inverters
  • Complete reinstallation of systems to bring up to safety standards & regulations


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