Solar With Battery Storage

Take control of your power with solar & battery storage

Hybrid solar power is a long-awaited third option regarding solar power.

Previously, grid-connected systems or off-grid systems were the only options available. With a solar with battery storage system, you have the convenience of a grid connected system coupled with the reassurance offered by a battery backup. You are able to store energy throughout the day and use the solar power stored during the evening, instead of being charged high tariffs by an energy supplier. Lower power costs? Yes please! 

What does a hybrid solar system comprise of?

A hybrid solar powerhybrid solar system comprises of solar panels, a mounting system, hybrid inverter, an energy meter and a battery bank. The energy meter monitors power consumption via current transformers on your mains supply.  This meter then reports to the hybrid inverter.  The hybrid inverter such as the SolarEdge Storedge is the brains of the system, it will make decisions based on solar generation, battery state of charge and grid availability to coordinate your energy demands.  The battery is used simply for charging and discharging stored solar or grid energy as it is required.

What about blackouts?

Additionally, should there be a power failure (i.e. blackouts or brownouts), some hybrid systems will continue to supply power from the solar panels during the day and the power stored in the battery will be used is there is not enough solar. Some systems will supply specified circuits only whereas others can be programmed to supply the whole house. This means higher reliability at lower costs.  When the grid power is restored the system will automatically resume supplying power to the whole house as per normal.

With energy costs set to rise over the next few years, there is no better time to invest in a hybrid solar system.

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Solar With Battery Storage