TESLA Powerwall 2.0

TESLA Powerwall 2.0

With Solahart the new TESLA Powerwall 2.0 is due to arrive in Australia in March 2017.  TESLA Powerwall 2.0

After enormous success with it’s initial powerwall’s entry into the battery storage market in Australia, Tesla energy have raised the bar again with the next breed of high performance energy storage solutions.  Leading the way in helping homeowners maximising return on investment in solar, the new model liquid cooled Lithium-Ion battery boasts a whopping 13.5 kW/h usable capacity.  The amount of energy able to be stored in the Powerwall 2.0 is effectively twice that of the original battery, however the battery cost is only around 25% more.

This system brings a very realistic & beneficial return on investment much closer to reality for homeowners.  Until now the cost of battery technology has been in most cases unfavourable for consumers looking to install from a revenue based point of view.  With the average 5kW solar power system you can generate an average of 18-22 kw/h per day over the year, in summer yields of up to 35kw/h’s per day are possible.  Currently with grid connect solar systems a large majority of this solar energy is unused in the home and is fed back to the grid for little to no return.  If a home is paying around 30c per kilowatt of electricity consumed then a fully charged TESLA Powerwall 2.0 has the capacity to store $3.90 worth of electricity per day when compared to peak tariff’s, which would normally have been exported.  Lithium Ion batteries do degrade over time so it’s capacity does decrease as time goes on.  TESLA state that the battery will still hold 70% of its original capacity at the end of it’s ten year warranty (See attached download for specific warranty details).




The new battery will be available in two versions:

DC Powerwall

TESLA Powerwall 2


Tesla Powerwall 2


AC Powerwall